Commerce Payment Gateway Options

Options include AppExchange payment provider packages, Salesforce Payments, or a custom gateway integration. Salesforce Payments and some AppExchange payment providers may be interoperable across the B2B and D2C Commerce solution and Salesforce Order Management.

Required Editions
Available in: Enterprise, Unlimited, and Developer Editions
Available in: B2B Commerce and B2B2C Commerce

Select a payment provider listed on the Salesforce AppExchange by using Commerce app in your org. AppExchange providers are vetted for security, compatibility, and ease of integration by Salesforce.

To check availability and select a payment package for your org instance, browse AppExchangein your Commerce app. Always Β check the listings for a package that supports a B2B or B2C store.

For a full, current list of Salesforce partners for Commerce, see AppExchange>Payment Processing

Salesforce Payments is the established path for implementing payment on Salesforce Commerce and is the fastest way to get up and running with payments in your Salesforce Commerce B2B or D2C Store. A native integration with Stripe, Salesforce Payments supports an extensive set of capabilities out of the box and intricate connectivity to Salesforce Order Management.

To set up a Salesforce Payments gateway, administrators use the Commerce app to perform steps that:

  • Establish a data channel (an Experience Cloud site) for payment data to flow from the payment gateway to Salesforce Payments
  • Create a Salesforce Payments merchant account that accepts electronic payments from a variety of payment methods including customer-saved methods and Apple Pay
  • Optionally use the Payments app to associate Stripe with the merchant account to generate B2B, D2C, and B2C payment intent records.

To understand and implement a Salesforce Payments gateway, see Set Up Salesforce Payments.

A custom payment gateway supports a client-side payment component that you create or adapt. For server-side implementations, the custom work requires writing the Apex adapter that uses our out-of-the-box payment components. The gateway interacts directly with the UI component, which then issues a PostAuth validation to register and process the transaction for Salesforce Order Management.

To understand and implement a custom client-side payment integration, see Client-Side Payment Processing Flow.For more on server-side payment integration, see Set Up Server-Side Payment Processing.