Storefront Reference Architecture

The B2C Commerce Storefront Reference Architecture (SFRA) combines best practices in site design, merchandising, and technical architecture to provide an out-of-the-box blueprint for merchants to build sites as unique as their brands. Mobile now accounts for more than 60% of shopping visits, yet mobile conversion rates are still a fraction of desktop rates. Why? While retailers have adopted mobile optimization technologies, they have done so on top of existing desktop-oriented site architectures, creating friction across the mobile shopping journey. Commerce Cloud provides merchants with a reference architecture to serve as a framework for website design. Storefront Reference Architecture was engineered through a data-driven design analysis of over 2,000 mobile storefronts to identify optimal UX approaches. Its modern architecture lets merchandisers and developers build mobile experiences faster than ever. With Storefront Reference Architecture, brands are empowered to:

  • Improve shopping experiences on mobile web.
  • Reduce storefront total cost of ownership and stay up to date easier.
  • Innovate faster with industry-standard developer tools and best-of-breed third-party integrations.


Customize Your Storefront Architecture

Storefront Reference Architecture connects to the digital platform through an API layer, which allows brands to bring in new code, integrate with third-party providers, and progressively iterate onsite design. The Commerce Cloud digital platform releases new innovation up to 10 times a year. These new functionalities, such as artificial intelligence, Apple Pay, and more, are integrated into the Storefront Reference Architecture through the API layer.

Optimize Your Storefront for Mobile

With Storefront Reference Architecture, you’ll be able to iteratively build a mobile-first site based on mobile design best practices. Plus, you can get on the right path with site design consultations and accelerators offered through the Commerce Cloud practice team.

Get These Top Features

Storefront Reference Architecture contains the essential elements needed to operate a site, including cart, checkout, homepage, PDP pages, and more. This gives merchants a unique advantage—the ability to get live fast and also fully own the storefront brand experience.

Launch Faster with a Quicker ROI

Merchants can simply use the prebuilt storefront design along with preconfigured integrations. This means lower project costs, faster time to value, and as a result, they benefit from incremental revenue and quicker go-live

Enhance the Mobile Shopping Experience

From reducing the number of taps in the checkout flow to integration with Apple Pay, Storefront Reference Architecture provides a complete and intelligently designed storefront built to increase conversion.

Develop Efficiently and Reduce Storefront TCO

Storefront Reference Architecture leverages JavaScript controllers, Bootstrap 4 development framework, and a model-view-controller architecture approach, making it easy to maintain and update the storefront following initial implementation.

Extend Core Functionality

An enhanced set of mobile APIs and a network of certified partners extend Storefront Reference Architecture core functionality with prebuilt integrations from a trusted network of technology providers.