Create a Custom Pricing Plan Step for the Billing Zip Code

In this task, Felix needs to add a pricing plan step to the Default Pricing Plan so that products in the cart are priced according to the Billing Zip Code Attribute Pricing Procedure and Matrix.

  1. Navigate to the Vlocity Product Console.

  2. Next to Pricing Plan in the Pricing area, click the search icon .

  3. In the Search Pricing Plan... dialog box, press the return or enter key to display the Default Pricing Plan.

  4. Click on the Default Pricing Plan.

  5. Click on the Pricing Plan Steps facet.

  6. Click New Item.

  7. Enter the following data in the General Properties pane:

    NameCalculate Billing Zip Code Attribute Pricing
    Implementation NameCustomPricingPlanStepImpl
    Method NameGetMatrixPrice
  8. Click the Edit icon to open the Parameters dialog box.

  9. Click the + symbol to add the following parameters:

    First BoxSecond Box
  10. Click Done.

  11. Click Save in the General Properties pane.

See Create a New Apex Class.