Create a New Apex Class

In this task, Felix needs to create a new Apex class to inject logic for the new custom field – Billing Zip Code. Without this logic the new custom field will not populate.

  1. Navigate to the Setup icon and select Developer Console.

  2. From the Developer Console, click File > New > Apex Class.

  3. Name the Apex Class CpqAppHandlerHookImplementation and click OK.

  4. Click here to download the CpqAppHandlerHookImplementation.txt file.

  5. Paste the code from that file in the Enter Apex Code box. You will have 48 lines of code.

  6. Click File > Save.

  7. Review line 12. Note the String customFields API.

  8. Close the Developer Console.

See Create the CpqAppHandlerHook Implementation.