Create an Attribute Pricing Matrix for the Billing Zip Code

In this task, Felix needs to create an attribute pricing matrix for all US billing zip codes.

  1. Using the Lightning App Launcher in the upper left, click Files.

  2. Locate the BillingZipCodeAttributePricingMatrix v2.csv file.

  3. Click the drop-down menu on the BillingZipCodeAttributePricingMatrix v2 line and select Download.

  4. Navigate to the Vlocity Calculation Matrices tab. You may need to click the More dropdown menu to expand for additional tabs.

  5. Click New.

  6. On the New Vlocity Calculation Matrix dialog box, type BillingZipCodeAttributePricingMatrix for the Calculation Matrix Name and click Save.

  7. Click the Related tab, select BillingZipCodeAttributePricingMatrix v1.

  8. On the Details tab, under the Table section, click Upload CSV.

  9. Click Choose File, select the downloaded .csv file, and click Upload.

  10. Ensure that seven records were uploaded successfully and click Close.

  11. Edit the Header Information with the following:

    NameHeader Type
    Source Product NameInput
    Source Product CodeInput
    Characteristic NameInput
    Characteristic ValueInput

  12. Click Save Data.

  13. Click the Edit Data button. Review the seven records uploaded from the .csv file.

  14. Click the Edit button in the BillingZipCodeAttributePricingMatrix v1 header.

  15. Select yesterday’s date from the calendar icon for the Start Date / Time Date field.

  16. Check the Enabled box and Save.

See Create an Attribute Pricing Procedure for the Billing Zip Code.