Optimize the Cache Catalog Product Definition Job

Use the Cache Management API to speed up the Cache Catalog Product Definition job.

If your org is running the CME 240.9 package, run the following prerequisite steps:

  1. Create the following Apex class. For information on creating Apex classes, see Define Apex Classes.

  2. Create an Interface Implementation.

    • Interface Name: GetCacheData

    • Active Implementation Class: CustomCacheDataImplementation

  3. For the Interface Implementation, create an Interface Implementation Detail with the Available Implementation of CustomCacheDataImplementation.

Optimize the Cache Catalog Product Definition job.

  1. Click the Gear icon and then Developer Console.

  2. Create a configuration snapshot.

  3. Populate the cache for the getOfferDetails and getOffersByCatalogCodeAPIs by running steps 1 - 8 in Workflow for Using the Cache Management API Sample Orchestrator.

  4. Activate the configuration snapshot.

    If you see any errors when populating the cache, you can abort the process.