Workflow for Using the Cache Management API Sample Orchestrator

To assist your understanding and use of the sample Cache Management APIs, Salesforce provides sample Java orchestration classes. These classes demonstrate how to make parallel calls for populating and regenerating the API cache response in your catalog.

  1. Create Products and a Catalog

  2. Download the Postman Environment and Collection Files

  3. Set Up a Connected App for Postman

  4. Set Up Postman, Import the Files, and Get the Token

  5. Make Sure Your IDE Is Configured for Java

  6. Get the Sample Orchestrator Code for CacheManagement APIs

  7. Open the Orchestrator Folder in Your IDE

  8. Run the PopulateCacheOrchestratorApplication Class

  9. Prepare to Use the Regenerate Cache APIs

  10. Run the RegenerateCacheOrchestratorApplication Class