Download the Postman Environment and Collection Files

To make configuring Postman easier, Salesforce provides a template environment file and a preconfigured collection file that you can import into Postman.

  1. To download the collection file, click here.

  2. To download the environment file, click here.

  3. Rename the environment file and open it in a text editor.

  4. Change the name value from Salesforce Template Environment to a more descriptive environment name.

  5. In the file, set the url value to or depending on the org type.

  6. Set the baseUrl to your org's hostname with /services/apexrest/vlocity_cmt appended. For example

  7. Set the username and password values to your username and password. So far, the file looks something like this:

  8. Save the file, but keep it open so you can add more values to it in the next task.

Set Up a Connected App for Postman