Test in Industries CPQ Cart

Felix is ready to test the CpqAppHandlerHook in Industries CPQ Cart.

  1. Navigate to the Orders tab and click New.

  2. On the New Order, enter the following:

    First BoxSecond Box
    Order NameAdv Pricing Hooks Order
    Account NameAcme
    Order Start Date[Today’s date]
    Price ListB2B Price List
  3. Click Save.

  4. From the Actions toolbar, click Configure Order to invoke the Industries Cart.

  5. Add a product to the cart.

  6. In the One Time Charge column, click on the charge and select the Price Details  icon.

  7. Notice that the price returned is from the BillingZipCodeAttributePricingProcedure based on the data entered in the matrix.

  8. Click Close.

  9. Navigate to the Accounts tab and open link in new tab.

  10. Change the List Views to All Accounts.

  11. Click Acme.

  12. Click on the Details tab.

  13. Note the Billing Address zip code.

  14. Close the Accounts tab.

  15. Notice the new Billing Zip Code column in the cart and the billing zip code returned for Acme.

    The custom field value can’t be null. If null, it will not be read and will not display.

If testing didn't work as expected, see CpqAppHandlerHook Troubleshooting Guide.