Standard cart REST APIs are the next-generation version of the cart-based APIs available in Summer'23. The standard cart APIs and their remote methods provide a layer of abstraction between client application development and the configuration of the underlying CPQ cart-based operation logic. Users can access and manipulate the quote, order, and cart data in the industries Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ).

Following are some of the features of standard cart APIs.

  • RESTful Web APIs designed to enable client application users to shop for and order products and services at a much faster rate.
  • Deliver the industries-specific CPQ engine on Salesforce core to improve the performance of cart-based operations.
  • Optimized for highly interactive cart operations done by contact centre agents and sales representatives with faster processing of the API calls.
  • Improve the performance and scalability of the existing cart-based APIs.
  • New Cart Document Object: Provides optimized access to cart data for custom pricing and validation logic. Reduces queries and improves performance.
  • Pure Apex Cart APIs: The new cart APIs are built natively in Apex allowing easier customization and leveraging of Apex capabilities.
  • Streamlined Attribute Structure: Condensed attribute model with pricing attributes directly on Product2 reduces joins.
  • Pricing Orchestrator: A new interface for consolidated pricing execution that optimizes pricing performance.
  • Calculation Procedure ABP: Leverages new calculation procedure matrices for simplified attribute-based pricing definition.
  • Enhanced Batch Jobs: New batch jobs like Generate Compile Data optimize caching and data preparation.
  • Salesforce DX Support: CPQNext is optimized for Salesforce DX with metadata coverage and IDE integration.

Before you begin, Check Feature Compatibility for using the standard cart APIs.