TMF629 Customer Management API

The Customer Management API (TMF629) provides a standardised mechanism for customer and customer account management, such as creation, update, retrieval and deletion of customers. Using this API you can perform the following operations on the customer account.

  • Retrieve the list of customer accounts from the system
  • Get the customer account details based on conditions or id parameter
  • Create a customer account
  • Update an existing customer account
  • Delete an existing customer account

The Customer Management API is certified by TM Forum.


For the supported TMF Open API release and specification version, see Industry API Version.

  • The CommsCloud license must be enabled to invoke the TMF629 API.
  • The Person Account needs to be enabled for account sub-resources. If not enabled the POST request creates account-to-account relationships but the GET request fails to retrieve the relationships.

To access and use the TMF629 API:

  1. Accept Terms and Enable Access
  2. Authorize Access
  3. Call the API
  4. View TMF629 API Specification.