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Salesforce provides integration apps for integrating Financial Services Cloud with external banking systems. The integration apps are out-of-the-box integration templates with pre-built transformations that are deployed on MuleSoft. To access the integration apps, purchase a MuleSoft instance. If you already have a MuleSoft instance, you can leverage it to connect to Salesforce.
The integration apps are inspired by the BIAN canonical model. The BIAN designs are ‘canonical’ meaning they can be consistently interpreted by any bank in many different implementation situations. To know more about BIAN, see Introduction to BIAN.

These industry integration apps are available in MuleSoft Exchange:

To view the Financial Services Cloud integration app and its details, see MuleSoft Exchange.
If you don't have a MuleSoft account, you can build your integration apps by implementing the Financial Services Cloud Integrations API specification in your integration platform.

Use Industry Integration Solutions in your Salesforce org to connect your Salesforce and MuleSoft instances and to automate the deployment of the Financial Services Cloud integration app in your MuleSoft instance. You can extend the app in MuleSoft AnyPoint Platform to complete your business needs.
To access and use the Financial Services Cloud integration app:

  1. Accept terms and enable access.
  2. Deploy integration assets using Industry Integration Solutions. See Industry Integration Solutions in Salesforce Help.
  3. Extend Integration App.

After the integration asset is deployed, Salesforce creates a named credential for the integration instance. The named credential specifies the URL of a callout endpoint and its required authentication parameters in one definition. See Named Credentials in Salesforce Help.