AMPscript String Functions

Use the AMPscript string functions to display and manipulate strings.

This section contains information about these AMPscript functions.

Function NameDescription
Char()Returns a character when passed an ASCII character code.
Concat()Concatenates strings of text.
Format()Formats a string in the specified format.
IndexOf()Returns the position at which a substring occurs within a string.
Length()Returns the number of characters in a string.
Lowercase()Returns the provided string using only lowercase letters.
ProperCase()Returns specified string with the first letter of each word capitalized.
RegExMatch()Searches for a pattern in a string using a regular expression.
Replace()Replaces every occurrence of one substring with a different substring.
ReplaceList()Replaces one or more substrings with another string.
StringToHex()Converts each character in a string to its hexadecimal equivalent.
Substring()Returns a portion of a string, beginning at a specified character position.
Trim()Removes white space from the beginning and end of a string.
Uppercase()Returns the provided string using only uppercase letters.