Upload Content to Your Content Workspace for Marketing Cloud Growth

Use the CMS Contents endpoints in Connect API to upload content to your marketing content workspace.

When you upload files to your content workspace, you specify a channel ID to associate them with. If you already know the channel ID that you want to use, skip this step. Otherwise, retrieve a list of channel IDs by issuing a GET request to the /services/data/v61.0/connect/cms/delivery/channels/ endpoint.

If the request is successful, the response includes a list of channels in your content workspace.

Determine which channel that you want to upload the content into, and then copy its channelId.

Issue a POST request to the /services/data/v61.0/connect/cms/contents. The body of this request must have a content type of multipart/form-data. In a multi-part message, the parts are separated from each other using a unique boundary string. The first part of the request body must be a JSON object that contains information about the file that you’re uploading. The second part contains the file.

If the request is successful, the response includes metadata about the content item.

Copy the value of the managedContentId property. You need this ID to publish the content item.

To make the content available to use in messages, publish it. For more information, see Publish Content Items.