Marketing Cloud Growth Documentation Resources

There are several documentation resources that are relevant to Marketing Cloud Growth users and developers.

The help documentation provides information about setting up and using Marketing Cloud Growth.

Data Cloud is a Salesforce application that you can use to ingest, store, harmonize, segment, and query all of your data. Marketing Cloud Growth tightly integrates with Data Cloud to manage customer profiles, consent, marketing assets, campaign metrics, and more.

  • The Data Cloud Developer Guide provides context into the APIs and SDKs that you can use to create custom applications using Data Cloud.
  • The Data Cloud Reference Guide contains reference information related to Data Cloud Direct APIs. It also provides detailed information about the standard data model objects (DMOs) used in Data Cloud.
  • The Data Cloud Resources section of the Connect REST API Developer Guide describes the Connect REST API resources that apply to Data Cloud. Use Connect API to query data and metadata. You can also use it to manage segment publication, identity resolution rulesets, and calculated insights. Connect API has relaxed authentication requirements relative to the Direct API.

The Salesforce Platform APIs are helpful for querying and managing your Salesforce data.

  • REST API Developer Guide contains guidance and reference content for the Salesforce REST API, which uses HTTP-based APIs.
  • Bulk API 2.0 Developer Guide provides information about the Bulk API 2.0. Use this REST-based API when you want to asynchronously create, modify, delete, or query a large volume of data.
  • SOAP API Developer Guide describes the usage and operations of SOAP API.
  • Tooling API Reference contains reference content for Tooling API, which you use to build and modify Lightning components such as flows.
  • Metadata API Developer Guide describes how you can use Metadata API to retrieve, deploy, create, update, or delete customization information. In Marketing Cloud Growth, you can use Metadata to programmatically manage flows.

The Object Reference for the Salesforce Platform contains information about the standard objects and fields that exist in every Salesforce org.

The SOQL and SOSL Reference contains information about the syntax, limits, and performance considerations for Salesforce Object Query Language (SOQL) and Salesforce Object Search Language (SOSL). SOQL is a SQL-like query language that you can use to search for data in specific objects. SOSL is a programmatic way of searching for data across all objects and fields. You can execute SOQL queries in Bulk API 2.0, and both SOQL and SOSL queries in REST API.

Use Connect API to upload files to your CMS workspace.