Get Started with Marketing Cloud APIs and SDKs

Call the Marketing Cloud APIs to create a mobile app that integrates with Marketing Cloud, or build custom apps and components on top of Marketing Cloud.

If you're new to REST APIs, start with Trailhead: Marketing Cloud APIs.

A package is your starting point for all developer activity. Create packages to connect to the API. You can also extend Marketing Cloud with packages containing custom apps or custom Journey Builder activities and events. Your organization or business partners build these customizations, or they’re installed from AppExchange.

See Marketing Cloud Packages.

Marketing Cloud offers a REST and SOAP API that share a common authentication mechanism based on OAuth 2. Use these APIs to interact with the following Marketing Cloud functionality.

  • Tracking
  • Subscribers and lists
  • Programs
  • Triggered sends
  • Content
  • Contacts
  • Journey Builder
  • Mobile Connect
  • MobilePush
  • Campaigns

See Marketing Cloud APIs.

Marketing Cloud SDKs provide a cross-functional framework around the REST and SOAP APIs that allow developers to integrate APIs using native language code libraries. We also provide SDKs for iOS and Android to use with MobilePush.

See Marketing Cloud SDKs.

Marketing Cloud offers custom scripting languages to personalize landing pages, create applications, construct cross-channel templates or layouts, and work with messaging functions on the Marketing Cloud platform.

See Programmatic Marketing Content.