REST (Custom) Activity Format

The REST activity can be used to extend Journey Builder functionality. It works by posting request bodies to external endpoints.

The activity must be formatted as specified below. The following JSON object is included in the activities array of a journey, as defined in the Journey Specification.

  • The outcome of this decision affects goal statistics.
  • If the useJwt property is set to true for any of the REST activity's methods, then a JWT for the account is generated, encoded, and sent as the POST body.
  • If the execute method timeout is greater than the maximum allowed for the account, then use the maximum timeout value as configured in the account settings.
  • The maximum timeout for the custom activity is 100,000 milliseconds. See Custom Activity Configuration for more details.

This information is provided for developers upgrading their activities from the legacy format to the Journey Specification.

0.5 SerializedObject1.0 Serialized Object
execute.formatnot supported (default is JSON)