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Build Custom Activities and Events

For simplicity, the documentation mostly refers to custom activities. In Journey Builder, custom events and custom activities use the same framework, so building either object follows the same structure. For event-specific instructions, see Considerations for Building Custom Activities.

Salesforce Customer Support doesn't provide support for your custom Journey Builder events and activities.

  • A working knowledge of RequireJS for dependency management.
  • A working knowledge of jQuery.
  • An understanding of the Postmonger event framework
  • Access to a Marketing Cloud Engagement account with a fully configured Journey Builder instance.
  • An understanding of how journeys function in Journey Builder.
  1. Create the custom activity. Custom activities contain three fundamental components.

  2. Host the custom activity. Use a web server that communicates via SSL (port 443). Salesforce recommends using Heroku as a hosting provider.

  3. Register the custom component endpoint. Register the hosting endpoint for your custom activity in an installed package.