The Send object sends email and retrieves aggregate data based on a JobID.

  • To create a Send using a list, you need the Email | Subscribers | List | SendEmailToList permission.
  • To create or update a Send where the list ID is the All Subs List ID, you need the Email | Subscribers | All Subscribers | Send and View permissions.
NameData TypeDescription
AdditionalxsdThe ID for a send that customers use as a campaign ID.
BccEmailxsdIndicates email addresses to receive blind carbon copy of a message.
ClientClientIDSpecifies the account ownership and context of an object.
CorrelationIDxsdIdentifies correlation of objects across several requests.
CreatedDatexsdRead-only date and time of the object's creation.
CustomerKeyxsdUser-supplied unique identifier for an object within an object type. This property corresponds to the external key assigned to an object.
DuplicatesxsdRepresent the number of duplicate email addresses associated with a send (exists only when a send occurs to multiple lists).
EmailEmailDefault email address for object. Indicates if subscriber information can be used for email sends.
EmailNamexsdSpecifies the name of an email message associated with a send.
EmailSendDefinitionEmailSendDefinitionIndicates email send definition to which the send object is attached.
EventsTrackingEvent[]Reserved for future use.
ExistingUndeliverablesxsdIndicates whether bounces occurred on previous send.
ExistingUnsubscribesxsdIndicates whether unsubscriptions occurred on previous send.
ForwardedEmailsxsdNumber of emails forwarded for a send.
FromAddressxsdIndicates From address associated with a object. Deprecated for email send definitions and triggered send definitions.
FromNamexsdSpecifies the default email message From Name. Deprecated for email send definitions and triggered send definitions.
HardBouncesxsdIndicates number of hard bounces associated with a send.
IDxsdRead-only identifier for an object. Some objects use the ObjectID property as a unique ID.
InvalidAddressesxsdSpecifies the number of invalid addresses associated with a send.
IsAlwaysOnxsdIndicates whether the request can be performed while the system is is maintenance mode. A value of true indicates that the system processes the request.
IsMultipartxsdIndicates whether the email is sent with Multipart/MIME enabled.
LinksLink[]Contains an array of links included in a send.
ListList[]List associated with an object.
MissingAddressesxsdSpecifies number of missing addresses encountered within a send.
ModifiedDateNullable`1Indicates the last time object information was modified.
NumberDeliveredNullable`1Number of sent emails that did not bounce.
NumberErroredxsdNumber of emails not sent as part of a send because an error occurred while trying to build the email.
NumberExcludedxsdIndicates the number recipients excluded froman email send because of a held, unsubscribed, master unsubscribed, or global unsubscribed status.
NumberSentNullable`1Number of emails actually sent as part of an email send. This number reflects all of the sent messages and may include bounced messages.
NumberTargetedxsdIndicates the number of possible recipients for an email send. This number does not include unsubscribed or excluded subscribers for a given list or data extension.
ObjectIDxsdSystem-controlled, read-only text string identifier for object.
ObjectStatexsdReserved for future use.
OtherBouncesxsdSpecifies number of Other-type bounces in a send.
OwnerOwnerDescribes account ownership of subscriber in an on-your-behalf account.
PartnerKeyxsdUnique identifier provided by partner for an object. This property is accessible only via API.
PartnerPropertiesAPIProperty[]A collection of metadata supplied by the client and stored by the system. These properties are accessible only via API.
PreviewURLxsdIndicates URL used to preview the message associated with a send.
SendDatexsdIndicates the date on which a send occurred. Set this value to have a CST (Central Standard Time) value.
SendLimitxsdIndicates limit of messages to send as part of a send definition within a predefined send window.
SendWindowClosexsdDefines the end of a send window for a send definition.
SendWindowOpenxsdDefines the beginning of a send window for a send definition.
SentDateNullable`1Indicates date on which a send took place.
SoftBouncesxsdIndicates number of soft bounces associated with a specific send.
SourcesAPIObject[]Specifies multiple sources included in a campaign.
StatusxsdDefines status of object. Status of an address.
SubjectxsdContains subject area information for a message.
SuppressionListsAudienceItem[]Array of suppression lists associated with a send.
UniqueClicksxsdIndicates number of unique clicks on message.
UniqueOpensxsdIndicates number of unique opens resulting from a triggered send.
UnsubscribesxsdIndicates the number of unsubscribe events associated with a send.