The List object is a list of subscribers. To create or update a List where AutomatedEmail contains a customer key and has an ID greater than 0, you need the Email | Subscribers | List | Manage Welcome Email permission.

NameData TypeDescription
AutomatedEmailEmailSpecifies email to send upon a subscriber joining a list. This property corresponds to the Welcome Email functionality.
CategoryxsdID of the folder that an item is located in.
ClientClientIDSpecifies the account ownership and context of an object.
CorrelationIDxsdIdentifies correlation of objects across several requests.
CreatedDatexsdRead-only date and time of the object's creation.
CustomerKeyxsdUser-supplied unique identifier for an object within an object type. This property corresponds to the external key assigned to an object.
DescriptionxsdDescribes and provides information regarding the object.
IDxsdRead-only identifier for an object. Some objects use the ObjectID property as a unique ID.
ListClassificationListClassificationEnumSpecifies the classification for a list. Valid values include:
  • ExactTargetList
  • PublicationList
  • SuppressionList
ListNamexsdName of a specific list.
ModifiedDateNullable`1Indicates the last time object information was modified.
ObjectIDxsdSystem-controlled, read-only text string identifier for object.
ObjectStatexsdReserved for future use.
OwnerOwnerDescribes account ownership of subscriber in an on-your-behalf account.
PartnerKeyxsdUnique identifier provided by partner for an object. This property is accessible only via API.
PartnerPropertiesAPIProperty[]A collection of metadata supplied by the client and stored by the system. These properties are accessible only via API.
SendClassificationSendClassificationIndicates the send classification to use as part of a send definition.
SubscribersSubscriber[]Indicates subscribers associated with an object.
TypeListTypeEnumIndicates type of specific list. Valid values include Public, Private, Salesforce, GlobalUnsubscribe, and Master. Indicates the type of email to send to the address. Valid values include Text and HTML.