Send an Email to a Data Extension Using an Email Send Definition

This scenario describes how to send an email message using information in a data extension. You can use information within a sendable data extension as the basis for a send. To perform this send, you must use the following elements:

  • Email Message
  • Email Send Definition
  • Publication List
  • Data Extension

The sendable data extension contains the information used to conduct the send, and the information on the publication list manages opt-in information for subscribers. A subscriber must be on both the data extension and the publication list to receive an email message as part of the send.


Triggered Email Send

Methods Used

Objects Referenced

Require Properties

  • CustomerKey
  • Name
  • SendClassification.CustomerKey
  • SendDefinitionList.CustomObjectID
  • SendDefinitionList.DataSourceTypeID
  • Email.ID

Data Extensions and Data Relationship Procedures