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The SimpleFilterPart object represents a single condition of an SQL WHERE clause.

NameData TypeDescription
DateValueDateTime[]Holds an array of dates used to filter the result of a Retrieve call. The response is in Central No Daylight time, but the DateValue on a filter can specify a timezone offset. For example, 2017-06-01T01:00:00.000-05:00. The DateValue can’t return milliseconds.
PropertyxsdProperty filtered on before SQL operator.
SimpleOperatorSimpleOperatorsValues to use in simple operator under a simple filter part. Valid values include:
  • equals
  • notEquals
  • greaterThan
  • lessThan
  • isNotNull
  • isNull
  • greaterThanOrEqual
  • lessThanOrEqual
  • between
  • IN
  • like
ValuexsdDefines value to be used in filter or other object. In filters, the BETWEEN operator requires two Values. IN can handle multiple Values. All other operators require only one Value. isNull and isNotNull ignores any supplied values and don't return an error. Use DateValue for date filters.