Retrieves information from the specified URL via a GET request. The timeout value for this function is 30 seconds.

HTTPGet(1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

1stringRequiredURL from which to retrieve content
2BooleanRequiredIndicates whether GET request continues if an error occurs during the process. A value of true stops the request. A value of false allows the request to continue.
3numericIndicates how function handles a URL with empty content. A value of 0 allows empty content. A value of 1 returns an error. A value of 2 skips the subscriber.
4arrayRequiredArray of header names and values to include in GET request
5arrayRequiredArray containing HTTP code of response to function

This function returns one of these status values.

  • 0 indicates status is OK
  • -1 indicates a missing URL
  • -2 indicates an HTTP request error
  • -3 indicates the function completed successfully but did not return any content