Marketing Cloud Engagement has a new model for storing, finding, managing, creating, sharing, and distributing all content-related objects. Access the objects created with the new Content Builder tools using the REST API. Your existing SOAP API integrations only function with the Classic tools.

The Template object represents an email template.

NameData TypeDescription
ActiveFlagxsdIndicates whether the template is available for use within the account. Valid values include:0 - Not active1 - Active
AlignxsdIndicates the alignment of elements within the template.
BackgroundColorxsdSpecifies background color used for template.
BorderColorxsdSpecifies border color used in template.
BorderWidthxsdSpecifies border pixel width used in template.
CategoryIDxsdIndicates whether content validation has completed for this email message.
CategoryTypexsdIdentifies correlation of objects across several requests.
ClientClientIDSpecifies the account ownership and context of an object.
CellpaddingxsdSpecifies pixel width of padding within cells used in template.
CellspacingxsdSpecifies pixel spacing between cells used in template.
CorrelationIDxsdIdentifies correlation of objects across several requests.
CreatedDatexsdRead-only date and time of the object's creation.
CustomerKeyxsdUser-supplied unique identifier for an object within an object type.
HeaderContentContentAreaContains content used in header of template.
IDxsdRead-only legacy identifier for an object. Not supported on all objects.
IsTemplateSubjectLockedxsdIndicates whether the subject defined in the header can be changed or not by email using template.
LayoutLayoutSpecifies how elements within template are laid out, including content areas.
LayoutHTMLxsdContains HTML used to define layout of fields and content within template.
ModifiedDateNullable'1Last time object information was modified.
ObjectIDxsdSystem-controlled, read-only text string identifier for object.
ObjectStatexsdReserved for future use.
OwnerOwnerDescribes account ownership of subscriber in an on-your-behalf account.
OwnerIDxsdSpecifies MID of business unit that created the template within an Enterprise 2.0 account.
PartnerKeyxsdUnique identifier provided by partner for an object. This property is accessible only via API.
PartnerPropertiesAPIProperty[]A collection of metadata supplied by the client and stored by the system. These properties are accessible only via API.
PreHeaderxsdContains text used in preheader of email message on mobile devices.
TemplateNamexsdA name for the template.
TemplateSubjectxsdContains email subject line specified by the template.
WidthxsdSpecifies the pixel width of the entire template