Use the Update method to update an individual object or batch of objects. Multiple object types can be updated with one call.

Don't use the Update method to create new objects. Creating new objects using the Update method causes an error.

NameData TypeDescription
ObjectsAPIObject[]A collection of one or more objects to update. The objects are updated in the order they have been acted upon: first in, first out. This array can hold different object types, which allows you to perform complex interactions, like updating an email, a list, and an email, in one call.
OptionsUpdateOptionsOptionally specifies more processing options. An UpdateOptions instance is required for this parameter. However, no properties need to be defined for the instance.
OverallStatusStringSpecifies the overall status of the request. Valid status values include:
  • OK - All objects were updated successfully.
  • Has Error - When updating multiple APIObject objects, this status means that some of the operations failed, while some succeeded.
  • Error - All update operations failed during validation or processing.
RequestIDStringA unique identifier for the request.
  • UpdateResult - An array of objects holding a list of return values. The objects are returned in the order acted upon: first in, first out. This array contains one UpdateResult object per input APIObject.