The UpdateOptions object defines the ability to save, update, or delete data extension fields using a container. If the Container property contains an instance of DataExtensionField, and the Action is DELETE, then the call drops any child fields. Otherwise, the call adds or updates all child fields depending upon whether they exist.

NameData TypeDescription
ActionxsdDefines the action to take for the specified object. Valid values include:
CallsInConversationxsdIndicates the number of calls that are part of a conversation. Marketing Cloud doesn't begin processing the conversation until the specified number of calls have been received. This is an optional property. When you specify this property, you must also specify the ConversationID property.
ClientClientIDSpecifies the account ownership and context of an object.
ContainerContainerIDReserved for future use.
ConversationIDxsdA unique ID for grouping multiple calls into a single conversation. All calls with the same ConversationID are processed as a single unit. This is an optional property.
PriorityxsdThis property is being deprecated.

Important: The Marketing Cloud API still honors this property. However, we recommend that you use the QueuePriority property in new API calls.
QueuePriorityPriorityDefines the priority for asynchronous sends. Accepted values: High, Medium, and Low. The default value is Medium.
RequestTypeRequestTypeDefines a request as synchronous or asynchronous.
SaveOptionsSaveOption[]Allows upsert on selected objects.
ScheduledTimexsdKeeps requests in an asynchronous queue until the time specified in the call.
To maintain compliance with data privacy regulations, avoid scheduling tasks in the future. Scheduling async tasks in the future can reintroduce deleted or restricted contacts into the system.
SendResponseToAsyncResponse[]Defines how responses are returned and under what conditions. Optional.
SequenceCodexsdSpecifies the processing sequence of a multi-step conversation. This optional property requires the use of ConversationID.

Asynchronous Processing