AppExchange Partners, Upgrade SSO Claim v2

These instructions apply only to multi-tenant applications, such as apps on AppExchange.

Ensure that your multi-tenant applications use the tenant-specific endpoints returned in the Claim v2 JWT for new customers on an instance other than S1 through S10. For customers on S1 through S10, your multi-tenant applications continue to make calls against the legacy ExactTarget endpoints.

To support customers using tenant-specific endpoints, your app must:

  • Use the SSO Claim v2 JSON Web Token, or JWT, found in the App component. To update your app, contact your Partner Account Manager and see Upgrade SSO Claim Version.
  • Correctly consume the Claim v2 JWT with tenant-specific endpoints.

For REST API requests, make sure that your app constructs its requests using the account-specific values for the authEndpoint and the apiEndpointBase parameters.

For SOAP API requests, make a REST call to request an access token. Next, issue a GET request to the platform/v1/endpoints endpoint to find the SOAP endpoint for your account.

Example Claims v2 JWT before without tenant-specific endpoints and after with tenant-specific endpoints