AppExchange Partners, Upgrade SSO Claim v2

These instructions apply only to multi-tenant applications, such as apps on AppExchange.

Ensure that your multi-tenant applications are prepared to adopt the dynamic, tenant-specific endpoints returned in the Claim v2 JWT for new customers on an instance other than S1 through S10. For customers on S1 through S10, your multi-tenant applications continue to make calls against the legacy ExactTarget endpoints.

To support customers using tenant-specific Marketing Cloud endpoints, your app must:

  • Use the SSO Claim v2 JSON Web Token, or JWT, found on the Marketing Cloud App component. To update your app, contact your Partner Account Manager and see Upgrade SSO Claim Version.
  • Correctly consume the Claim v2 JWT with tenant-specific endpoints. Use the following example JSON as a guide.

For REST API requests, make sure that your app constructs its requests using the dynamic, customer-specific values for the authEndpoint and the apiEndpointBase parameters.

For SOAP API requests, make a REST call to request an access token. Then call the /platform/v1/endpoints route to discover the customer's SOAP endpoint.

Example Claims v2 JWT before without tenant-specific endpoints and after with tenant-specific endpoints