Test and Validate Registrations

After completing the implementation and contact registration for the MobilePush SDK, test and validate your setup and registrations.

For testing purposes, set a contact key, such as your email address, in your app. Setting a contact key enables you to easily locate and target a test push notification to the device you’re testing with in Marketing Cloud Engagement.

Next, build, and run your app on your connected device.

Finally, review the results of the test registration and ensure that data is being processed in Engagement as expected by doing the following.

  1. Log in to Engagement and navigate to Audience Builder > Contact Builder

  2. Click the All Contacts tab.

  3. In the left navigation, select the MobilePush channel.

  4. Search for the contact key or device ID for the user you’re testing with.

  5. Select the contact.

  6. On the Membership tab, review MobilePush basic details, such as opt-in status, for the contact’s device.

  7. On the Attributes tab, locate the MobilePush Data section.

  8. Review the Device ID and ensure that the expected device token in the System Token field is registered, and the Status is Active.

    A registered device token is required for delivering push notifications.

It can take up to five minutes for Engagement to process and display the registration.

If you can't find registration data in Engagement or the registration data isn't what you expected, start by troubleshooting your implementation. For guidance, see Troubleshoot Your Push Implementation.