Comparison Shopping

Comparison Shopping is a specific type of action that occurs whenever a visitor copies a product name onto their clipboard and then leaves the page. By tracking this action, you can identify visitors who look up a product's price on your website and then compares it with prices of the same or similar products across other websites and online suppliers. While there are a number of ways to implement tracking for comparison shopping behavior for business users of Marketing Cloud Personalization, we highly recommend doing so in the Sitemap for a Personalization dataset.

After it is implemented, business users can then track comparison shopping actions either for segmentation or to render campaigns triggered by comparison shopping actions (as long as those actions contain the necessary content zone used by the Template in that Campaign).

To know more about the business uses of Comparison Shopping, see Comparison Shopping on Salesforce Help.

This article explains how you can implement the tracking of Comparison Shopping actions in a Personalization Sitemap.

Before implementing Comparison Shopping tracking using the following example as reference, ensure that your Personalization Sitemap is functional and has at least one working pageType.

For more information, refer to the Personalization Web Integration documentation.

Although there are other ways to set up a Comparison Shopping action, we advise using a Listener. The following are namespace-specific examples of setting up a listener that targets the element containing the product name.

When leveraging a comparison shopping action to trigger a Campaign, the event must include the content zone used by the Template in that Campaign for it to be included in the response from the sendEvent call. Otherwise, events that do not include the content zones targeted by the Campaign do not trigger it.