UIViewController(Evergage) Category Reference

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UIViewController category used to enable Marketing Cloud Personalization to automatically track screens, dynamically map them to actions, and provide APIs for tracking and campaigns.

For access to EVGContext APIs, see evergageScreen. For information about dynamically mapping screens to view actions, see the Tracking Guide.

A EVGScreen EVGContext for tracking and personalization, when your app can use a UIViewController for each of its screens or pages.

If your app can't use a UIViewController for each of its screens or pages, use [Evergage globalContext] instead.


UI-related and lazily created on first access from main thread.

Returns nil if Personalization is disabled, or not yet accessed from main thread.

See Also

The optional evergageName for this UIViewController. This method is only relevant if using Code-less Screen Upload and Action Mapping.


Uniquely naming your UIViewControllers may make action-mapping screens in the Personalization web-app even faster and easier.

Should be set before viewDidAppear, such as within Interface Builder (Attribute Inspector on the view controller) or programmatically in viewDidLoad or viewWillAppear.