EVGReview Class Reference

Inherits fromDeclared in

A user-created review of an item.

The ID (see [EVGItem evgId]) of the item being reviewed.

Date and time when the review was submitted.

Score given to the item in this review, must be normalized to the range 1-100 inclusive.

The title of the review.

The text content of the review.

Name to be displayed along with review, may have no relation to actual user ID.

Whether the product was purchased by this user before being reviewed.

Builds review details for an item. This method only builds a data object. To use it, pass it to one of the tracking methods like [EVGContext review:reviewDetails:].


itemIdThe required [EVGItem evgId] of the item being reviewed
dateSee date
ratingSee rating
titleSee title
purchasedSee purchased

Return Value

Review details which can be further modified.