Object Model in Data Cloud

The Customer 360 Data Model includes different types of data objects.

Object TypeDescriptionMore Information in Help
Data Lake Object (DLO)A container for the data ingested into Data Cloud.Data Ingestion and Modeling
Data Model Object (DMO)A harmonized grouping of data created from data streams, insights, and other sources. You standardize the data in a DLO by mapping it to a DMO using the Customer 360 Model.Data Model Objects Data Mapping
Unified Data Model Object (Unified DMO)A DMO that contains unified data after you unify disparate data by using identity resolution rulesets.Unify Source Profiles
Calculated Insight Object (CIO)A calculated multidimensional metric from your entire digital state stored in Data Cloud. Your metrics can include customer lifetime value (LTV), Most Viewed Categories, and customer satisfaction score (CSAT) at the profile, segment, population level, or any other desired specialized metrics.Enhance Data with Insights

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