Monitor the Event Relay Execution State in Salesforce

You can perform a SOQL query on the EventRelayFeedback Salesforce object to get information about an event relay, including its status, the date and time of the last relayed event, and any error message.

To run the queries given in this section, you can use one of these methods.

  • The Developer Console’s Query Editor. For more information about the Developer Console, see Developer Console and Developer Console Query Editor in Salesforce Help.
  • The query REST API resource using a REST API tool, such as Postman. See Query in the REST API Developer Guide. Also, see the Postman setup instructions in Set Up a REST API Tool. In REST API, spaces in the query must be replaced with +. In Postman, you don’t replace spaces in queries because Postman handles them.

You can perform a REST call, a GET request, to this endpoint with the SOQL query appended. Because EventRelayFeedback is a Salesforce object, use the data REST API to query the object and not Tooling API. In Postman, navigate to REST > Query.

To get all the fields of EventRelayFeedback, run this query.

Example of a REST query call.

If you aren’t interested in the system fields returned, use this query, which specifies non-system fields in the SELECT clause.

Example query response received using the REST query resource.

For a description of EventRelayFeedback non-system fields, see EventRelayFeedback in the Object Reference for the Salesforce Platform.