Enable Debug Mode in Salesforce

Enable debug mode to make it easier to debug JavaScript code. Only enable debug mode for users who are actively debugging JavaScript. Salesforce is slower for users who have debug mode enabled.

To enable debug mode for users in your org:

  1. In Salesforce, from Setup, enter Debug Mode in the Quick Find box, then select Debug Mode Users.

    Users with debug mode enabled have a check mark in the Debug Mode column.

  2. In the user list, locate any users who need debug mode enabled. If necessary, use the standard list view controls to filter your org’s users.

  3. Select the checkbox next to users for whom you want to enable debug mode.

  4. Click Enable.

If you see only a few lines of code in a JavaScript file, then debug mode is not enabled. If enabling debug mode doesn’t reset the code in the code editor, do a hard reload. With DevTools open, right-click the browser Reload button and then click Hard Reload.

To disable debug mode for a user, follow the preceding steps and click Disable instead of Enable.

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