Supported Browsers

Lightning Web Components supports the same browsers as Lightning Experience. See the supported browsers for Lightning Experience.

Salesforce ended support for Internet Explorer 11 in Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic on January 1, 2023. After Winter '24, you can no longer use Internet Explorer 11 and other legacy browsers to view or access Lightning Experience. If you have code that uses one of the unsupported browsers, you can delete it. We recommend accessing Lightning Experience in the latest version of a supported browser.

While there are many third-party browser extensions that personalize and enhance your Salesforce experience, we recommend that you check AppExchange for browser extensions and apps from Salesforce partners, or the Component Library for base components that match your requirements.

Salesforce doesn't provide support for third-party browser extensions. Using third-party browser extensions is at your own risk. Salesforce can’t prevent these extensions from accessing your Salesforce data, nor can we detect that there’s any attempt to access your data.

Some third-party browser extensions inject custom scripts to manipulate the DOM. We don't recommend nor support such third-party browser extensions for these reasons:

  • Browser extensions that manipulate the DOM (such as inserting or removing elements in the DOM) can interfere with the stability of Lightning Experience and lead to unexpected behavior.
  • Browser extensions that don’t follow Salesforce security standards can fail to work properly in Lightning Experience.
  • The internal DOM structure of Lightning Experience can change in a future release, and compatibility with a third-party browser extension isn’t guaranteed.

If you need to work with the DOM, check if you can use a JavaScript library via lightning/platformResourceLoader instead.

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