Migrate Component Bundle Files

The component bundle file structure is different for the Aura programming model versus the Lightning Web Components programming model.

Here's how the files map between the two programming models.

ResourceAura FileLightning Web Components FileSee Also
Markupsample.cmpsample.htmlComponent HTML File
ControllersampleController.jssample.jsComponent JavaScript File
HelpersampleHelper.jssample.jsLightning Components Developer Guide: Helpers
RenderersampleRenderer.jssample.jsLightning Components Developer Guide: Renderers
CSSsample.csssample.cssComponent CSS File
Documentationsample.auradocNot currently availableLightning Components Developer Guide: Component Documentation
Designsample.designsample.js-meta.xmlComponent Configuration File
SVGsample.svgNot currently availableLightning Components Developer Guide: Custom Icons

The controller, helper, and renderer files in an Aura component map to one JavaScript file in a Lightning web component.