BiometricsService Data Types

BiometricsService defines and uses several data types.

An object for specifying which instances of a recurring event are affected by an update to or deletion of one instance of the event.

Property NameTypeDescription
permissionRequestBodyStringReason to use biometrics scanner.
permissionRequestTitleStringTitle used in the dialog when the reason text is displayed. Allowed on iOS, but effective only on Android.
additionalSupportedPoliciesArray of BiometricsServicePolicyPolicies specified in the array allows customization of the biometrics scan behavior.

An object representing an error that occurred when accessing BiometricsService features.

Property NameTypeDescription
codeBiometricsServiceFailureCodeA value representing the reason for a biometrics service error. See BiometricsServiceFailureCode for the list of possible values.
messageStringA string value describing the reason for the failure. This value is suitable for use in user interface messages. The message is provided in English and isn’t localized.