DocumentScanner Constants

NFCService defines and uses several constants. Each of the following constants enumerate the accepted string values for the associated properties.

The following constants are available as properties on an instance of NFCService. The constants enumerate the accepted values for the associated properties.

Constant NameAccepted ValueDescription
TypeNameFormat"ABSOLUTE_URI", "EMPTY", "EXTERNAL", "MEDIA", "WELLKNOWN", "UNCHANGED", "UNKNOWN"Correlates with the typeNameFormat property on the NFCRecord object.

Correlates with the code property on the NFCServiceFailure object.

Accepted ValueDescription
"USER_DISMISSED"The user dismissed the scanner.
"NFC_NOT_SUPPORTED"The device doesn’t support NFC capabilities.
"NFC_NOT_ENABLED"The device NFC feature is turned off.
"TAG_EMPTY"The NFC tag contains no data to be read.
"SERVICE_NOT_ENABLED"NFCService is not enabled and cannot be used.
"UNKNOWN_REASON"An error occurred in the native code that isn’t related to permissions or hardware issues. More information is provided in the NFCServiceFailure message.

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