Add Components to Managed Packages

A managed package ensures that your application and other resources are fully upgradeable.

To create and work with managed packages, use a Developer Edition organization and register a namespace prefix. A managed package includes your namespace prefix in the component names and prevents naming conflicts in an installer’s organization.

A custom Lightning web component can’t reference a Lightning web component installed from a managed package. See Component Namespaces.

To add components to a package, see Add Components to Your Package in Salesforce Help.

When you add a component to a package, other components referenced by the component and any resources imported with @salesforce/* are automatically included. For more information, see @salesforce Modules.

After a package is released, the component name is locked, but the package developer can still edit these values in a component’s configuration file.

  • apiVersion
  • description
  • isExposed (can only change false to true)
  • masterLabel
  • targetConfigs
  • targets

If isExposed is false, the package developer can remove configuration targets and a public (@api) property from a component.

If isExposed is true and the component is in a published managed package, the package developer can’t remove configuration targets or a public (@api) property from a component. This restriction is enforced even if the target or public property was added after the most recent publication of the package.

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