Mobile SDK GitHub Repositories

More adventurous developers can delve into the SDK, keep up with the latest changes, and possibly contribute to SDK development through GitHub. Using GitHub allows you to monitor source code in public pre-release development branches. In this scenario, your app includes the SDK source code, which is built along with your app.

Where possible, we changed noninclusive terms to align with our company value of Equality. We maintained certain terms to avoid any effect on customer implementations.

You don’t have to sign up for GitHub to access the Mobile SDK, but it’s a good idea to join this social coding community.

You can always find the latest Mobile SDK releases in our public repositories:

To submit pull requests for any Mobile SDK platform, check out the **dev** branch as the basis for your changes.

If you’re using GitHub only to build source code for the current release, check out the **master** branch.

Many tools exist for cloning and managing local GitHub repos. The following instructions show three popular ways to clone Mobile SDK plus an important post-clone installation step.

  1. Clone the repo. For example, you can use one of the following options.

    • Command line:

      1. In the OS X Terminal app, use the git command, which is installed with Xcode:

    • Xcode:

      1. Select Source Control | Clone.
      2. For Save As, accept the default or type a custom directory name.
      3. For Where, choose a convenient parent directory.
      4. Click Clone.
    • GitHub Desktop for Mac (

      1. Click Clone a Repository from the Internet.
      2. Click URL.
      3. For Repository URL or GitHub username and repository, type
      4. Set Local Path to a destination of your choice.
      5. Click Clone.
  2. In the OS X Terminal app, change to the directory in which you cloned the repo (SalesforceMobileSDK-iOS by default).

  3. Run the install script from the command line: ./

The script checks that you have the correct platform development tools installed. It then syncs external submodules required for Mobile SDK development to your local clone. If your development machine has stored obsolete Mobile SDK project templates for Xcode, the script removes those unnecessary files.

  1. In your browser, navigate to the Mobile SDK for Android GitHub repository:

  2. Clone the repository to your local file system by issuing the following command:

  3. Open a terminal prompt or command window in the directory where you installed the cloned repository.

  4. Run ./ on Mac, or cscript install.vbs on Windows

The install scripts sync external submodules required for Mobile SDK development to your local clone.After you’ve run cscript install.vbs on Windows, git status returns a list of modified and deleted files. This output is an unfortunate side effect of resolving symbolic links in the repo. Do not clean or otherwise revert these files.

To create native and hybrid projects with the cloned SalesforceMobileSDK-Android repository, follow the instructions in native/ and hybrid/ files.

To create projects with the cloned SalesforceMobileSDK-iOS repository, follow the instructions in the repository’s file.

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