Testing with the SmartStore Inspector

Verifying SmartStore operations during testing can become a tedious and time-consuming effort. SmartStore Inspector comes to the rescue.

During testing, it’s helpful to see if your code is handling SmartStore data as you intended. The SmartStore Inspector provides a mobile UI class for that purpose. With the SmartStore Inspector you can:

  • Examine soup metadata, such as soup names and index specs for any soup
  • Clear a soup’s contents
  • Perform Smart SQL queries

SmartStore Inspector is for testing and debugging only. If you add code references to SmartStore Inspector, be sure to remove them before you build the final version of your app.

As of Mobile SDK 6.0, you can access SmartStore Inspector in debug builds from the Dev Tools menu. This feature no longer requires you to add code to your app. See Mobile SDK Tools for Developers.