General Considerations

Keep these considerations in mind when using Pub/Sub API.

Pub/Sub API uses, for processing purposes, infrastructure that’s provided by Amazon Web Services, Inc. and located in the regions listed below. By using the Pub/Sub API, you agree to the use of AWS infrastructure for processing purposes and acknowledge that such processing may occur outside the region where your production org is located. Event processing can cause data in transit to pass through and exist temporarily in an external region. If you use the Pub/Sub API endpoint specific to the region where your org is located, event processing occurs in the same region as your org. For more information, see Pub/Sub API Endpoints and Regions, Availability Zones, and Local Zones in the AWS documentation.


  • United States
  • Europe (Frankfurt) - AWS region eu-central-1

Events in the Salesforce event bus are not persisted or stored outside the region your org is located in.

If channel membership changes after a subscription starts and while it’s active, the membership change doesn’t take effect until you restart the subscription. For example, if a new member is added to the channel, the client doesn’t receive events corresponding to the new member unless you restart the subscription. A channel can be a change data capture channel or a custom platform event channel. For more information about change data capture channels, see Subscription Channels in the Change Data Capture Developer Guide. For more information about custom channels, see Group Platform Events into One Stream with a Custom Channel in the Platform Events Developer Guide.