Pub/Sub API Endpoints

Pub/Sub API provides a global endpoint and a region-specific endpoint.

The endpoints include the port. Replace the {port} placeholder with the port that Pub/Sub API uses: 443 or 7443. For example, the global endpoint with the 443 port is

Use this endpoint if you don't have data in transit privacy requirements for your org.

Use this endpoint if you must comply with data in transit privacy requirements for your org. Using this endpoint ensures that Pub/Sub API event processing occurs via the Salesforce service located in the Frankfurt, Germany region.

Events in the Salesforce event bus aren’t persisted or stored outside the region your org is located in. For more information about the regions where event processing occurs, see AWS Regions.

If your company uses a firewall for network security, make sure that the Pub/Sub API endpoint is allowed in the firewall configuration. Allow the entire domain and port. For example, for the global endpoint, the domain is, and the port is 443 or 7443. Don’t use hardcoded IP addresses in your allowlist because they can change. Also, allow the HTTPS and TCP protocols.