Configure Your AWS Account to Integrate Amazon RDS via Salesforce Connect

The high-level configuration steps to connect and integrate data from Amazon RDS into Salesforce are grouped into setup tasks to be performed in AWS and in Salesforce. We recommend that you follow this simple yet complete example configuration to understand the relevant concepts. You can then use these patterns to solve your target use cases.

Setup Tasks to Configure AWS

  1. Obtain an AWS account.
  2. Run the CloudFormation template.
  3. Note the database name and credentials in Secrets Manager.
  4. Validate the Amazon RDS configuration.
  5. Test the AppSync’s connection to the database.
  6. Validate AppSync API’s authentication settings.

Setup Tasks to Configure Salesforce

  1. Obtain access to a Salesforce org.
  2. Define a Named Credential.
  3. Create an external data source and external objects.
  4. Surface Amazon RDS data in Salesforce UI.