Get Started with Partner Messaging

Partner Messaging integrates external messaging services with Salesforce. Before Salesforce users can set up and use Partner Messaging in their orgs, Salesforce messaging partners must first enable the feature.

This guide provides steps to enable Partner Messaging. To learn more about Partner Messaging, visit our learning map in Salesforce Help.

To get started, prepare your environment before you enable Partner Messaging.

  1. Verify that you have the Digital Engagement SKU with the Partner Messaging add-on license.
  2. Verify that your org has the SCRT2 Integration User (sfdc_scrt2) permission set.
  3. Verify that you can access the GitHub repos:
  4. Determine the contact email address to use for the connected app. This person receives notifications about the connected app, such as when a Salesforce administrator views the consumer secret of the connected app. This can be your email address.

You're ready to enable Partner Messaging.