This object contains all the APIs associated with user verification. See User Verification.

This method clears all messaging and user data from all tabs and windows.


This method passes the user verification token to Salesforce. You must call this method for every tab or window that requires access to the authorized messaging conversation. Since the token is stored in the browser’s memory, call this method after a page refresh. Also, call this method with a renewed token when the token expires (see onEmbeddedMessagingIdentityTokenExpired). You can also call this method before the token expires to renew the token proactively. This method must be called after the onEmbeddedMessagingReady event is dispatched.

{parameters}: Required. A JSON object containing the identity token information.

identityTokenTypestringThe type of identity that is being provided. Currently, this value must be JWT.
identityTokenstringThe user identity token encoded using the RS256 algorithm.