Develop with Ease with Salesforce Extensions

Develop with Ease with Salesforce Extensions

The Salesforce Extension pack includes tools for developing on the Salesforce platform in the lightweight, extensible VS Code editor. These tools provide features for working with development orgs (scratch orgs, sandboxes, and DE orgs), Apex, Aura components, and Visualforce.

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Salesforce Extensions for Desktop

Want to develop locally? Already using VS Code? Install Salesforce Extensions and Salesforce CLI to develop quickly and more productively on Salesforce platform. See installation instructions. The minimum Visual Studio Code version required for the Salesforce Extension Pack is 1.82.

Download using the links below, or read the installation instructions.
Download Visual Studio CodeInstall the Salesforce Extensions

Note: We recommend that you use Salesforce Extension Pack versions earlier than 59.15.0 if you aren’t able to update your version of VS Code. Note that we aren’t able to support fixes for these earlier versions.

Code Builder

Code Builder is a browser-based version of the desktop experience, with everything installed and pre-configured for you. It’s provides all the goodness of the desktop experience, but provides you the flexibility to work anywhere, from any computer. See Code Builder Overview for more information.

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