Set Up LWC Local Development

Set Up LWC Local Development

To set up LWC Local Development, install the server, enable and authorize a Dev Hub org, and create a scratch org. To use the LWC Local Development, you must develop Lightning web components in a Salesforce DX project.

Install the LWC Local Development Server

Run this command from a command-line interface.

sf plugins install @salesforce/lwc-dev-server

Troubleshooting Tip: Due to a known issue, it’s likely you’ll see several errors when you install the plug-in. Run sf plugins --core to see if the plug-in is installed. If yes, try to start the Local Development server. If successful, you’re good to proceed.

After you select SFDX: Preview Component Locally, the Command Palette displays a list of preview options. You can choose to preview your component in the desktop browser or in a virtual mobile device (iOS or Android). Mobile previews require additional setup. See Preview Lightning Web Components on Mobile in the Lightning Web Components Dev Guide.

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