Command Palette

Command Palette

The Command Palette provides access to many commands for Salesforce development.

To run a command from Salesforce Extensions for VS Code, press Ctrl+Shift+P (Windows or Linux) or ⇧⌘P (macOS) and type SFDX in the command palette to see commands relevant to Salesforce development.

Command palette, filtered to show SFDX commands

When a command finishes running (due to success, failure, or cancellation), a notification displays at the top of the window.
Notification that deleted and expired orgs were successfully removed

To see the output of the commands that you run, select View > Output, and then select Salesforce CLI from the dropdown menu. Alternatively, click Show in the completion notification.

Output view, showing the results of an Apex test run

To clear the output content between SFDX commands, select Settings > User Settings > Salesforce Core Configuration and check Clear Output Tab.

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