Automatic Inline Completions

Automatic Inline Completions


Use AI-based autocomplete to accept suggestions for code as you write it right inside your editor. Inline autocompletions can currently be triggered in Apex and LWC (Javascript, CSS and HTML) files.

Inline Autocomplete

Enable or Disable Inline Autocomplete

Inline autocomplete is enabled by default. Click the Einstein icon in the status bar, or run Einstein: Toggle Einstein Auto Completions to toggle the feature off and on. Run the Einstein: Toggle Einstein Auto Completions for Current File Type command to toggle the feature off and on for the currently active specific file type.

To enable or disable the Inline Autocomplete feature from Settings:

  1. Select File > Preferences > Settings (Windows or Linux) or Code > Preferences > Settings (macOS).
  2. Under Einstein for Developers, select Enable Einstein Auto Completions then select the language for which to enable the feature.

Receive your First Inline Completions

Einstein for Developers automatically generates code and suggests completions for you as you type. When writing code, you’re often doing things like assigning variable values to an SObject such as = abc, or Account.type = Business in Apex. Pause the cursor after the variable value and watch Einstein for Developers complete your code for you and fill out the remaining fields. The Einstein icon in the status bar keeps you updated about completion progress.

Inline Suggestions

To accept an entire suggestion, press Tab. If you have VS Code’s Inline Suggest enabled, you can accept the next word of the suggestion using one of the following keyboard shortcuts:

Operating System Accept Next Word
macOS ⌘→
Windows ⌥→
Linux ⌥→

Note: If you don’t see a suggestion, make sure Einstein Auto Completions are enabled. Run Einstein: Toggle Einstein Auto Completions to toggle the feature off and on. Also, you can always trigger inline suggestions even if you don’t have the Auto Completions enabled using the Option (⌥)\ hotkeys to manually generate autocomplete suggestions.

Known Issues

  • The completions that you receive are sometimes not formatted correctly. Run Prettier once you’ve accepted the suggestions.
  • Completions sometime populate piecemeal. Accept the partial suggestion and the remainder will populate.
  • Suggested completions from multiple providers will all appear as ghost text if you have multiple AI-based Inline Completion extensions enabled. Scroll through them to find the Einstein for Developer specific suggestion, or disable competing extensions as described in setup.

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